Just a few words.....

Before we start just a few words about the guys, commonly known as Ted and Oz. When Ted and I got the band together and needed a singer; we picked on Austin Davies. He was younger than us so we had to pick him up from school to do our first gigs! What can one say about someone who, in his own eminent way, powers his vocals out as fresh now as he did in the early days. His influences range from Osborne (Ozzy), Gillan, Plant etc. And his fave rave who is Rob Halford. 
Ted, well, Ted is just a nutcase who's comical way of life has kept me and Oz amused for years!! What a bloody drummer!! After years of trying to persuade him to get an electronic drum kit he finally succumbed and sorted out a Roland kit. Now with only a small studio to work in he still packs the punch he used to do on his normal skins.

Out of all the people who I've had the privilege to work with these two guys you could say are the closest thing I'll ever get to, as in having brothers!!

The trax you will hear are a combination of all the years that I've been in bands. I've tried to make it so that each track has it's own identity and can be distinguished from the previous track. Have I got a favourite ? I'm not sure but if I had to say, it would be a close thing between "Shout" and "StarSoldiers". Incidentally the music for Starsoldiers was the music from an old 7" single called "Soldiers of Fortune," which was released by my band at the time called White Heat. The lyrics were re-written by Oz and renamed Starsoldiers.

The trax were recorded in my studio (the dog house studio) which houses a 16 track akai digital coupled up with 16 trax of glorious cubase making 32 in all. The Strats, which I used to play, are sadly long gone and I now use a Tokai special edition. My guitar sounds are generated through a Roland GP16 guitar synthesiser and I'm always amazed at the gutsy, raw sounds it gives me. With Ted and Oz doing drums and vocals, I played all guitar parts, bass guitar (which I thoroughly enjoyed doing) and all keyboard sounds and f/x .

To you the people in hard rock land especially the ones who have waited for too many years, I hope you really enjoy our music. 
It's because of you in the first place that this project was commissioned. If all goes well and the album gets spread far and wide around the globe, then I'm pretty sure that next year will see another album being written.
After my live days were finished I thought I'd just concentrate on recording for myself but as fate would have it, it dragged me back to compile these trax for you and for that I thank everyone around Europe and America because…. you certainly gave out the vibes… nice one!!

Jon J cox