The band has its origins in the North West of England back in 1977. It started off as a metal band called "Quad" ( pretty original name for a band with 4 people in it!!)
The original members were, Jon J Cox, Ted Barlow, Chaz Wilson and Austin ( Oz) Davies.
Bored with Glam rock and not convinced that Punk was a suitable replacement, the Lancashire lads drew on their love for bands such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Zeppelin and took the classic metal sounds and fused them with the new wave expressions of the day to create an alternative sound all of their own. This sound fed into the collective that was to become NWOBHM of the early eighties. Raw energy and a lust for playing live was something that set this band apart from all the other local bands. 
The band toured mainly around the North of England and was based in the Southport and Preston area of Lancashire with a large and loyal following, mainly Bikers and Hells Angels!! ( in fact the "B" SIDE of the single was about a local Biker Chapter called the Blackrods.....not a lot of people know that!)

The bands popularity grew following the Radio City play of some early 1978 recordings ( Trax: The Overlord, Thinking of you, Saucers) The next few years saw numerous changes to the line up with the driving force of the band being J.J.Cox( founder member). 
In 1983, Amazon Studios in Liverpool was the venue for the recording of the 7" single "Running for the Line". The song was actually called "Heading for the line", but due to a print error was immortalised as the former!! ( not a lot of people know that!) It got a good write up in Kerrang and had an airing on the Friday Rock Show.
(The original singles are, sadly, as rare as rockin horse shit, however there is a limited supply available from OPM in the U.S. )

By the mid eighties, JJ had carried his unrelenting power chords and riffs through various bands across Britain and Europe. Today, the music is as fresh and exciting as it was then. With NWOBHM gaining more popularity especially from the new generation of curious kids, bored with the same old radio play, there may well become a resurgence in the metal sounds of the eighties. It is good to know that, the musicians capable of creating that sound, are still as hungry as ever to produce it.
Recent interest from OPM records in the US, has seen the reformation of the original founding members. The CD NOW AVAILABLE captures the essence and live feel of the original songs that rang out loudly in North West England in the late 70's and early 80's. Because the technology is so far advanced today, the quality and power of these songs is absolutely awesome!! The CD " IN MORE ROCK" derives it's title from the Deep Purple "In Rock" Album and is a way of saying thanks to Purple for playing a big part as the inspiration that fuelled the band in the early years.

The guys have been working on a new track called "THE WATCHER", a highly charged emotional song about revenge. This track will debut on the SOON TO BE RELEASED NEW COMPILATION ALBUM that features all new recordings from 15 NWOBHM bands from the golden days .

Long Live Rock and Rolling Heavy Metal !!

Forward by Edwardo de Wolrab.