Back in the middle to late seventies, I recall playing rhythm guitar in a school friends attic (it was a huge attic as this guy was posh and had a big house!). As was normal at that time, people used to drift in and out of the house to Jam at all times and on one occasion a long haired geezer came in and started playing super fast lead guitar breaks over the top of the 12 bar I was playing. Flash bastard! I thought.
A few months later this same geezer, accompanied by what looked like his "minder" came up to me in the street. Both guys looked serious and I thought I might be in for a kicking! 
Instead they asked me to join their band as a singer! These guys, were non other than Ted "Tiger" Barlow and Jon J Cox!! The journey had begun.
For the next few years we were inseparable, the shear passion for what we were doing by mixing classic Heavy Metal Rock Music with the New Wave influences of the day, was awesome and the public loved it! We had FUN to say the least. We went through a number of bass players but the original 3 amigos stayed together. Alas, as with most marriages, we separated in the end.
I went on to front a cabaret showband called Topaz ( there was more money in that than rock bands were getting at the time).
I would sing 60s/70s/80s chart covers most nights but my passion for metal never left me.So when I got a call from Jon in 1983 to sing lead vocals on his first single, I jumped at the chance. I remember writing the lyrics in about 30 minutes whilst listening for the first time to his band . A day later we went in the studio and I put the vocals down in one take!! I still love that song even though Jon put the wrong title on the single! ( Should have been Heading for the Line and not Running for the line!!)
We've stayed close friends ever since.
As for Ted, he and I briefly got together in a rock band called Alchemy….but I don't remember much about it as I was in a constant alcoholic haze through those wilderness years of the eighties!!
I do remember that Ted couldn't keep his hands off my eldest sister…. And he is now my brother in law!!
Over the years we have all kept very much in touch and had holidays together and nights of remembering the good old days, washed down by more than a few beers.
Since Jon got his own Studio, it has become fulfilment of a dream for us to revisit the songs of yesteryear and finally get them down onto CD. We have intentionally kept the songs simple and gutsy as they appeared when we did them live. I feel we have captured that live sound quite well. The CD is not over produced and rather than get all the songs note perfect, we went for the "one take" warts and all approach. I love it and I hope you do too….it's dedicated to all the metal nuts that ever lived through that time and just as importantly, to the new Generations of metal lovers to come.
Play it loud and enjoy!!!